After a slower first quarter, one which saw prices level off, the second quarter saw a total 180, setting a historic, record high for the average sales price for Manhattan apartments, now at a whopping $1.87 million. While there are a number of different key themes from the past 90 days, the overarching one is, quite simply, the obvious lack of inventory on the market. Those sub themes, however, include: 

Stalled Inventory Growth – The consistent lack of inventory, despite last quarter’s slight uptick, is what produced these record-setting, headline-making prices this past quarter. The lack of inventory and strong demand makes it a total seller’s market, at least in the under $5mm segment, and as long as that demand remains, whether it’s coming from foreign or domestic buyers, those prices will continue to remain high. 

An Array of Factors Contributed to Record Setting Numbers – Aside from low inventory and high demand, there were a number of additional factors that contributed to those record-setting numbers we saw this quarter, such as improved employment numbers, the strong local economy, an influx of trophy apartments onto the market, and the highest average Wall Street bonuses since 2007.

Bidding Wars Still Happening – The lack of inventory is not only causing prices to go up, but it’s causing bidding wars that sometimes result in the final sale prices that would make your jaw drop, although not at the same pace we have seen in 2014. 

Inventory 20% Below the 10 Year Average - According to Jonathan Miller, by the end of June only 5,730 listings were left on the market. While that might be a 1.3 percent increase from the same time last year, it’s still 20 percent below the 10-year average.

It's Tough To Get Your Foot In The Door - One of the hardest hit segments of the market, according to another report, is the under $500,000 price point. According to the report, “as of Q2 2015, total available listings less than $500K in Manhattan have fallen to their lowest share levels ever, comprising only 11.3% of the market with 1,093 listings, representing a share level decrease of 0.7% from last quarter and 3.7% from the same period last year.”  We are seeing similar challenges at price points below $3mm as well due to lack of inventory.


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